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City 13, the first disussion of the topic;

2009-12-14 19:39:50 by RoastySmith

I am happy to say that my dream of making an animation that will reach my own high expectations will come alive...not soon to say, but in due time. What I mean by this is, I think I will finally start on my animation project: City 13. What is it? It is an movie that I am making (As in animating, directing, and doing part of the voice acting) that will be about 60 minutes long. No, I am not some noob to animating, however, I wouldn't call myself a veteran in animating such as our super stars (Like The-Swain and JonnyUtah), but I'd say I have enough experience to pull this thing off. It will be at 22 FPS, part Motion-Tweening and part Frame-by-Frame to give it a nice look, and dynamically drawn. Right now, I can't show you, my anonymous curious reader, that much content, however, I can feed you a "teaser", if you will. It's an assignment I had to make for my computer graphics class, the soldier drawn on it is the main character of this movie, hopefully this will be enough to go (You know, I wounder how this will eventually turn out over time...) Cheers and thanks for peeking. One day you might find out I may get myself on the top never know...

City 13, the first disussion of the topic;


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2009-12-14 19:58:07

Are those XM8s?

RoastySmith responds:

As a matter of fact, yes they are, good observation! (Sorry for the late response.)